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Welcome to the 2013 Virgil Crest Ultras

Bringing you mountainish trail goodness since 2008

Text Updates: You can sign up to receive race updates via text on the Entrants Page. You will receive text messages with updates of a runner's progress throughout the race.

The Course: For those returnees this may be the only year that you’ve been able to repeat the same course, the leaders comparing times, all vets having seen the entire course. With that said, we may make two minor changes on the alpine loop. The first we intended to use last year but it was impassable in the mud. The second would be an upper-mountain cut-through which would take you by a great vista I saw for the first time last year during the race.

The Schedule: Per a runner request, we’re moving the pre-race dinner and briefing a bit earlier so you can all (with the exception of mellow Johnny and cohorts who fraternized into the wee hours Friday night) get to bed earlier.

Course Markings: The feedback was that we did pretty well in 2011 with the only confusing area being on the alpine loop (to our credit part of this was secondary to markers being moved). This year it’s our plan to corner the market on pigtail hanger stake thingies and buy further into the reflectors. If you know someone who owns a supply store let us know and we’ll bring them some business. The hope is to have a combined stake/reflector approximately every 200 meters over the entire course as well as before and after turns and intersections.

Relays: We want more relays, so register your mom and dad and bring your friends.

Welcome to upstate New York, it’s a beautiful part of the world and it will be great to have you.